qandeel baloch

Fouzia Azeem, better known as Qandeel Baloch, was a Pakistani model, actress, social media celebrity and a “modern day feminist” as she liked to put it. However, on 15 July 2016, she was murdered in the name of “honor killing” by her own brother.

Baloch had an approximate fan following of 750,000 people from across Pakistan and several other countries as well. It seems as if she wasn’t much different from most celebrities, whether from Hollywood, Bollywood, or those who simply had social media fame. She recorded videos, in a flirtatious way, talking about herself, her day, her problems, and gave political views as well. Several people negated her views, objected her videos, however, promoted them to simply make fun of her.

Eventually, Baloch was murdered by her own brother, Waseem, who said he was “proud” of killing her. He stated that it was easier for him to kill his sister instead of committing suicide, due to which he drugged her first and then killed her.

qandeel baloch

Now, from the creators of “Aik thi Mariam”, comes an upcoming Biopic on Urdu 1 based on Qandeel Baloch starring the bold Saba Qamar.

Saba Qamar has taken this part because she believes Qandeel’s side of the story for her acts and videos were not explained and they deserve to be told to the everyone. It has now been told that the reason behind these acts of the young sensation was that she needed to earn money. Her first job was as a bus hostess, and since she has tried her luck in different careers, however, where she went, people misused her. Making videos online and gaining fame intrigued Qandeel, and got her attention from everyone, so she went on with it.

“Her family didn’t have any problems taking money from her but they felt that it was all right to turn around and kill her in the name of honor,” says Saba Qamar.

The biopic is not for the sake of gaining pity for Qandeel, however, it will be highlighting the two faced people in our society and the problem of honor killing which needs to be eliminated. Qandeel through her videos exposed the hypocrisy of the general public as well. It was them who mocked her, laughed at her, insulted her, and still shared her videos eventually promoting her. It is indeed, the fault of people, for not letting a person enjoy her freedom of speech and expression. If they didn’t like the woman, they shouldn’t have followed her on social media. They shouldn’t have liked her videos, let alone comment on them, and share them. Qandeel’s brother says it was too much for him to see that all his friends were sharing and laughing at his sister, hence, killing brought honor to his family and he has now secured a place in heaven.

The story of the biopic has been written by Shazia Khan, the screenplay is by Umera Ahmed and Farooq Rind will be the director. We are looking forward to knowing the true story of Qandeel Baloch through this project, and we eagerly await it.


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