Fake birthday celebration of Khaleda Zia

A court in Bangladesh issued the arrest warrant of opposition leader Khaleda Zia for the fake birthday celebration on. Her lawyer is of the opinion that she can be bailed after appearing in court but still there is no point of defaming someone on account of his birthday celebrations.

If there be any such point then what about those millennials who don’t give up a chance to hang out with friends on name of pre-birthday, post birthday and just on the name of birthday celebrations.

Court issues the orders after Khaleda Zia didn’t appear in the court to give justification of her birthday party on a day on which Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman, the national leader of Bangladesh and father of the current prime minister of Bangladesh was murdered.

The controversy dates back to the year 1996, when Khalida Zia started celebrating her birthday on August 15, the day which is celebrated as a mourning day by Bangladeshi nation.

The rivalry of Khaleda Zia and Hasina Wajid dates back to the Army coup that brutally assassinated the Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman and his family members, as a result of this, husband of the Khailda Zia who was then army chief was made military dictator and he ruled the country for 15 years.

Celebrating birthday on national mourning day was also criticised by media too, a journalist, Ghazi Jahirul Islam told that he had documents that can prove that Khaleda’s birthday celebration was fake; these materials included her machine readable copies of her passports and her academic documents.

Due to heavy criticism, Bangladeshi opposition leader didn’t publicly celebrate her birthday on this year.


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