Deedee Howard featuring a black model

Fashion model Deedee Howard has initiated the Black Mirror; a series of ads to highlight the discrimination against the black models in the fashion industry.

The world population consists of a considerable portion of Black people, like other fields of life showbiz also proves as tough for the black as they have to suffer very harsh discrimination by race.

With the launch of Black Mirror Deedee wants to show that black models are equally capable of endorsing this world and its happenings. They are also attractive and can use their talent to play a contributing role.

Mostly, advertisements aimed at marketing any product feature the white models only. This implies that only white people rule the world, all the commodities are supposed to be used by the white while blacks have come to serve the purpose of slaves.

Deedee who personally remained a victim of racial prejudice in the field of fashion modeling has not only recorded her protest against the biasedness towards white people but also proved that black models can also portray an image with the same grace.

Featuring a black model

The Black Mirror is indeed a bold step by a black model Deedee Howard who beautifully altered advertisements of famous brands while featuring a black model in them.

Deedee Harward opines that the world is progressing rapidly, and voices against the racial discrimination are strengthening their hold with the same pace, but unfortunately, the fashion industry is still rigid. The model recalls her experiences of being rejected by the modeling agencies on the grounds of being black.

There are modeling organizations that are well aware of the real talents of the black models, but they can’t accept too many black models within them.

Deedee’s protest also highlights, whether black and white models are enough for representing an entire race.

With the surge of such movements acceptance of minorities in the field of fashion is increasing too in the US.  Earlier, a Muslim girl in Hijab had participated in a US beauty pageant. She had succeeded in making it to top 15 contestants.

With rising voices of Deedee Howard, one can be sure that the world will move forward without racial discrimination in all the fields of life.


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