Blasphemy: Shan Taseer walks on father’s footsteps


Six years have passed since the assassination of Ex-governor of Punjab Salman Taseer at the hands of Mumtaz Qadri over the blasphemy allegations, but the issue stands still with no further developments. It is the sixth anniversary of the Salman Taseer; Brelivis still succumb to their notion that Salman Taseer was an apostate and blasphemer have now declared Shan Taseer the same on the basis of a video.

On the eve of Christmas, Shan Taseer released a video message for the Christian fraternity and asked them to pray for the Asia Bibi, Nabil Masih and others who became the victim of this inhumane blasphemy law of Pakistan. The video became viral on social media and called for the wrath of Brelivi scholars who call themselves custodian of the honor of Prophet Muhammad PBUH despite the fact they act entirely in contradiction with His teachings. The police have registered a FIR against an unknown person as they didn’t identify the man in the video.

Salman Taseer who was shot dead by his security guard Mumtaz Qadri was accused of blasphemy as he defended a Christian Asia Bibi who was convict of contempt against the Holy Prophet PBUH for which court had ordered a death sentence against her

Even after the death of two people, controversy remains at the same place the debate that who was a right Shaheed Salman or Mumtaz has become more furious. Even after the six years, Mullahs have failed to persuade common Pakistanis that the act of Salman Taseer to defend Asia Bibi made him apostate or it was an act against the spirit of Islam.

The primary problem is that everyone in Pakistan sees the issue with a particular lens. For the liberals, these are the minorities that are suffering from this controversial law, and for the religious people, these are the non-Muslims who are committing the contempt of religion. The fact is that Muslim community has suffered more due to this law and this proves that despite its being quite religious in nature people misuse the legislation to take personal revenge from each other.

The above data shows the number of blasphemy cases registered in Pakistan from 2011 to 2015, it is evident that from 1296 cases total registered cases against Muslims are 1195, despite the fact that a Muslim can never think of deliberately saying anything contemptuous against the Prophet Muhammad PBUH people still chose the blasphemy law to file cases against them, this seriously heralds that purpose of using this law is not always religious, and law is quite prone to misuse.

Debate on Blasphemy law

There is no doubt that provoked emotions of people are sufficient to cause exploitation of his own, but when such provocation is done at the mass level, then it can cause devastation. The act by Mumtaz Qadri was the very result of the provocation done by the Brelvi scholars who just love to hurl invective at their acclaimed apostates by staying within their home abode.


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