Poor Treatment of Lahore Blast victims

Gruesome suicide blast in Lahore that killed 15 people including high ranking police officials while leaving many injured has raised many questions on the efficiency of Punjab government in combating the threat of terrorism.

Soon after the horrific incident took place, media aired heart-wrenching scenes of the injured people being taken to hospitals for rescue in an inhumane way. Lahore, being the capital of Punjab (the most developed province of Pakistan) must have hospitals equipped with the most modern facilities to combat with an emergency situation, but the condition was quite contrary to it.

We saw rescue teams using casual vehicles for taking victims to nearby hospitals that were short of adequate health facilities. As the horrific event happened, injured were rushed towards Ganga Ram hospital (being the more nearby) Mayo Hospital and Services hospital where they were treated on the hospital floors as not enough beds were available for them.

So, all the uproar about Khadim-e-Aala’s administration was just limited to the publicity while billions spent on the name of health reforms went in vain when blast victim couldn’t be provided ambulances for carrying them to hospitals.

Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif owes an explanation to the public for such security failure and then maltreatment of victims in hospitals of Lahore due to lack of facilities. Yes, he was quick enough to pay a visit to hospitals in next morning, use Twitter handle to condemn the incident and instruct the rescue teams to assist the victims. He also told the doctors and staff to take the best care of the injured but how come all this was going to possible in the absence of proper facilities at the treatment centers.

The incident itself was a question mark on the projects like Punjab Safe City that implied billions of taxpayer’s money in the name of security measure but still couldn’t help the authorities to stop such attack despite the fact the government was already aware of threats from the responsible groups.

CM Punjab whose priority is to spend the public money on projects that serve as a good marketing endeavor for increasing vote bank has caused a considerable loss to health and education sector in Punjab. Safe City project was a quite significant strategic plan, but it seems to be a failure in the wake of Lahore blast that took away many precious lives, once again jeopardizing the stability in the country.

PPP leader Aitezaz Ahsan also said while talking to media,” Lahore blast is an evidence of Punjab Government’s failure which is alive through advertisements only”.

Progress is never possible before eradication of the root causes that serve as a hindrance on the way of development. In Pakistan. Throwing out billion in the name of roads, mass transit systems and then advertising these projects that are already a burden on the economy, is only senseless.


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