Bloody 8/11: Nawaz Sharif loses chance to be a 'Real Hero'-nawaz shrief
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Friday 8/11 was a usual day for Pakistanis. Nothing new was expected to happen on political or economic horizons of the country, nor on the social. Until the news of a 12 years boy surfaced, who was killed by the Elite Force vehicle providing security to former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif disqualified by Supreme Court of Pakistan on the charges of non-declaration of resources.

The social media was flooded with the rage of the public. The most deplorable element was that more than half a dozens of modern ambulances were accompanied in the rally heading by Nawaz Sharif to Lahore from Islamabad. But not a single ambulance stopped to give first aid to the unfortunate young boy who was only there to shower rose petal on the vehicle of his leader.

Alas! Neither did Nawaz Sharif’s convoy stop nor the ambulances to see the unlucky boy. Ahhh! How unlucky was Nawaz Sharif, who was unable to identify scarifies of that young boy.

Just for a minute, think about the objectivity of an ambulance in the world of medical care? What is the purpose of such specialized vehicles? Only the sole objectivity of any ambulance is to provide emergency first aid in any accident and quickly move the affected to the nearby medical facility for providing proper treatment or shift the victim to a further specialized medical facility if the situation is critical.

Now come back to this unfortunate accident. If Nawaz Sharif had stopped at the place of the accident and asked for immediate medical treatment for affected boy, this might have saved his life. And even if the kid would have died during this effort, Nawaz Sharif could have stood as a real hero and real public leader.

Off course, Nawaz Sharif has the security threats, and that is why he could not stop. But what if could stop? Undoubtedly, he would not be attacked. He could have paid a visit to boy’s family and move forward later as par plan.

But likewise past many times this time again he missed the chance to become the real leader.

Later, in his address in Gujrat, he announced to visit the home of passed away, worker. He also announced compensation. What will be this compensation?? Few bucks??? If he had stopped immediately, that would be more worthwhile than few bucks and meant a lot for the general public.

Yes, few Bucks compensation matters a lot for the family of the deceased boy. But the question is, why governments or influentials give these ‘Few Bucks’ on every tragedy in which human lives expire in Pakistan? The poverty, hunger, ignorance, illiteracy, lawlessness are the reasons of these Few Bucks formula.

A majority of the public who is deprived of basic civic facilities, education, health, nutrition in 70 years’ history of Pakistan are easily attracted to these Few Bucks. Knowingly those who are gone will never come while these Few Bucks can improve the lives of the living ones. Neither the civilians’nor the dictators’ regime ever tried to address the issues while they ruled for decades Pakistan.

Not only, Nawaz Sharif, but there is also no exemption to PTI – Imran Khan in the matter of inhumanity. On October 11, 2014, seven PTI workers died in a stampede in a public gathering of PTI in Multan. The most unfortunate situation was at that time when Imran Khan was informed about the deaths of his workers, but he kept delivering his speech.

So where we are heading – another Prime Minister candidate for whom human lives don’t matter???


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