Wow; Bob Dylan is too busy to receive Noble Prize

Bob Dylan receive Noble Prize

Bob Dylan just refused to attend the ceremony in Stockholm for picking up Noble Prize narrating the reason that he was too busy.

The Noble Laureate already took weeks to accept his award and now he is showing his unwillingness to receive the prize. According to the website of Noble Prize Academy, Dylan wouldn’t be attending the ceremony in Stockholm to be held in the month of December as he would be busy, Dylan informed the academy about his inability to be there through a letter.

Reports also say that Dylan is a staunch proponent of peace and he initially refused to accept his award due to his reservations on the very foundation of Academy that is based on the invention of a material that used to manufacture explosives.

Bob Dylan is already a disputed choice for Noble Prize in literature as the actual reason for his fame is music. The American civil rights movement singer earned fame from the famous song “Like a Rolling Stone”, although a rising singer of the late 60s, Dylan, still enjoys a huge fan following from the older generations and millennials.

Twitter popped up with the hilarious response on behalf of public after Bob Dylan said not to attend the Noble Prize ceremony in Stockholm.

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