Anthony Joshuva offersprayer at mosque in Dubai

IBF (International Boxing Federation) heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is under the fierce criticism from his fans for offering prayer at a mosque in Dubai.

27 years old boxer who is enjoying his time in Dubai, became a cause to spur of debate after he offered prayer in Dubai and posted a picture on Twitter.

After this post, people not only criticized the boxer but also launched an attack on Islam that was surely met with a counter attack.

After this tweet, a series of replies started spurring a debate on Islam.

The boxing star currently doesn’t follow any religion and his offering of prayer in a Mosque in Dubai was an attempt to explore the different religions of the world.

As many of his fans criticized him for offering prayer and exploring Islam, there were those who actually appreciated his efforts and asked him not to show much care to such comments.

According to the mirror, Anthony said in an interview, ““I don’t have a preferred religion: I’d have to do research. I was born a Christian but as I’ve grown into my own man I don’t attach myself to religion; 100 percent I have faith. Then it’s locking into what suits me.”

One can’t say whether the African boxer would actually accept the Islam it all depends on his choice. Earlier, the world famous boxer Muhammad Ali had also converted to Islam, before adopting to the new religion his name was Cassius Marcellus Clay.


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