A brave traffic warden arrested the truck driver in the most filmic way


Recently, the traffic warden in Faisalabad, named Jawad, showed immense courage by successfully chasing and then arresting the truck driver who was escaping the hit-and-run accident done by him.

The truck driver, as reported, tried to flee the scene after hitting the car; but the traffic warden, Jawad, present on duty at the time of the accident didn’t let the driver escape easily. So he chased him in quite a courageous and heroic way.

The traffic warden dauntlessly yet dramatically managed to cling to the door of the truck as if he was dangling out of the vehicle. In spite of how perilously warden was clinging to the truck’s door, the brazen truck driver, named Allahdita, kept on driving.

After almost covering a kilometer and holding on for several minutes, Allahdita was constrained to stop the vehicle as the warden was not going to give up. The driver was forced to come out of the truck and was immediately thrashed by the officer and passers-by. The inner Maula Jutt of Punjabi warden came out as he thumped the driver badly.

The driver was arrested, but soon the grieved party let him go as not much damage was done to them. The traffic warden risked his life and averted the driver from fleeing in an unusual yet action-packed way.

The warden seemed to be no less than an action hero of a Bollywood movie who risked his life to seize the villain at any cost. These are the same traffic wardens that are abused by the citizens for breaching the laws and taking bribes in the name of forfeits.

This traffic warden appeared to be “a saint in sinners” and must be appreciated for his fearless efforts; because if we can criticize them, then we can surely appreciate them for their efforts too.



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