Ronaldinho coming to Pakistan

Legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho is soon visiting Pakistan to promote football.

Ronaldhino who has remained FIFA’s player of the year twice while playing for Brazilian football team leading it to world cup victory in 2002, also enjoys an illustrious club career with teams like FC Barcelona. He took to Twitter for confirming the news

Footballer Ronaldinho would possibly participate in an exhibition match of Leisure League of Pakistan to promote the sports that enjoy huge fan following and enthusiasts in the country.

Leisure Leagues are just a way to allow an opportunity of showcasing skills to anyone who wants to play football. Both Professionals, as well as beginners, get a chance to polish their talent in the field.

National football players like the captain of the Hassan Bashir captain of the national football team, Hajira  Khan, captain of the woman’s football team and Keleemullah ensured the launch of Leisure Leagues, which is a UK based organization in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, especially Karachi where a whole town of Lyari enjoys the fame of being Little Brazil due to the obsession of its residents with Football, there is a great room for this sports to flourish. In this scenario support from the legends would just increase the confidence of domestic players and courage them to move forward.

After the success of PSL Final 2017 in Lahore, Pakistan is hopeful that international cricket would come back to the country along heralding the beginning of another era for flourishing sports.


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