Bridal make-up; This wedding season government urges to fix beauty salon rates


Who doesn’t want to look beautiful, gorgeous and elegant on his special day of the wedding? Brides don’t hesitate to go out of their budget for getting the best possible luxurious outfit from a known designer and make-over from a salon of their choice.

According to media reports, District Administration of Quetta has decided to fix the rates of beauty parlors as they are charging 20,000 to 25,000 for a make-over of a  single bride. In the city like Quetta this amount is huge for an average citizen but in largers cities like Krachi, Lahore and Islamabad brandes salons dont hesitate to cross the cross figure of even one lakh.

Not every bride can afford to have her make-up from a brand or wear a luxurious Lehnga that costs in six figures. Even in the less developed provinces like Balochistan, brides can’t keep themselves off the mainstream race of looking gorgeous with a unique style, look, and attire. Here are the few rates that different branded salons charged in the wedding season till November.

Beauty salon rates for brides on wedding


In the wedding season when the business of designers and make-up artists reaches at the peak┬ácustomers find themselves entagled by the confused thoughts. In certain cases the amount of one wedding function reaches to an amount an average middle class citizen woould need to build the house of his own. Although it is just a matter of choice but spenidng millions on a one day event and items that don’t even find their use in future is just foolishnes.

If we just allow the elite class to freely exhibit their wealth on the name of wedding celebrations then it would not only create a sense of desperation for those who can’t afford but also make the middle class to take an extrea burden on its shoulders.

Even those brides who want to choose for a dedicated and luxurious service shouldn’t show hurrideness to boost their levish event on social media and on public platforms.


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