Fake news on Hadiqa Kiani

Pakistani pop sensation Hadiqa Kiani became a victim of fake news spread by British media that she has been arrested at Heathrow Airport in London for smuggling cocaine.

Outlook Pakistan reported the news after Metro the source that spread the news had quoted an official regarding his comments on the said incident. It was later found that news was just a hoax and Hadiqa Kiani was in Lahore, spending time with her family.

The singer also talked to a private news channel for clearing that she was not involved in any such incident. In her interview, she said, “When I first heard the news, I laughed it off. But after a while, I started receiving serious phone calls from senior journalists, and I was shocked!”

No wonders that such fake news about a Pakistani actress has emerged from British Media. Hadiqa Kiani is just another victim of this Post-Truth phenomenon that is strengthening its footings with enhanced social media use and ongoing micro-blogging trends.

The impact of such false news that people love to hear about just to keep themselves away from the startling truth or get satisfaction from the media sensations propagated to create controversy is huge, and it can influence general public while making them change its mind.

In the post-truth world, the digital media has emerged as an opinion-shaper, the fact is evident from the British and especially US media’s baseless propaganda on certain issues during Brexit and US Presidential Elections.

Fake news run by US media against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did quite well to shape the opinions regarding both these politicians and propagate certain agenda.

New like Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of Pizza Shop, People in a Donald Trump rally raised slogans like “We hate Muslims,” “We hate Blacks, ” and one that Democrats want to spread Islamic Law in Florida still need evidence that they were real.

In this digital era, the reputation of celebrities is mostly at stake as they never know when a fabricated story would surface making them caught up in a net of controversies just because they can serve as click baits for websites. Still, it is astonishing that false news about Hadiqa Kiani came up from the British media which already has a plenty of topics to grab attention from the audience.


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