His bullet in his own body – celebratory aerial firing, a curse


The aerial firing at the different events in the name of celebration is very common in Pakistan. While it’s curse has also taken away so many sons from their parents and fathers from the children.

Recently, a video of the same celebration has circulated on social media in which a man with a handgun is about to celebrate by aerial firing. A little kid was standing near him and keenly observing the whole scene.

The man tried to fire a handgun and few moments later, the same loaded pistol was in child’s hand with which he fired unknowingly of what will be the consequences. The bullet directly seems to hit the ribs of the same man who was just standing near the kid.

This was a mere carelessness, ignorance and stupidity of a man who let the little kid to hold the loaded pistol. Also doing such menacing celebratory stunts infront of the children will always result in more perilous upshots.

The aerial firing had in the past not only severely injured but taken away the lives of many. In a very recent celebration of the Pakistan Cricket Team’s victory against India in the Champion’s Trophy Final, a young boy, Hussain of fifteen years age, lost his life due to aerial firing celebration.

The aerial firing is a curse, which, in a moment, changes the juncture of the celebrations into that of mourning and woes. Since, there are more than enough horrible cases of killings due to aerial firing but no one takes the lesson from others’ miseries.

You can high on emotions take out your rifle and fire twice or thrice in the air, shooting at nothing but you never know that the same bullet could hit someone’s head or ribs or legs and will give them lifetime injuries or even push them towards the death.

Also, the Governments do nothing constructive in order to permanently and completely avert the criminal act of aerial firing. Though KPK Government has taken initiatives to prevent the aerial firing and legislated the laws to prevent this crime in the name of celebrations.

According to the law, the people involved in the aerial firing will be imprisoned for may be more than one year and fined upto to Rs.10,000 or more. Both of these penalties could be applied at the same time too.

But only legislating the laws has never been enough and executing them is most important. Laws exist in the country but executers are too weak to execute them which result in huge violations of the rule of law.

People themselves need to get aware about the grisly outcomes of these kinds of celebrations. This current dreadful video is another example of the dire consequences of the aerial firing. So, if you don’t want to have the taste of your own medicine, then refrain from these moronic and life taking celebratory stunts.


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