Pakistani girl writes letter to PM Modi

A young 5 Grade Pakistani girl has given a message of peace to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi through a heartfelt letter.

Aqeedat Naveed congratulated PM Modi on his victory in UP (Uttar Pradesh) elections and proposed the idea of peace bridge between India and Pakistan.

In her two-paged letter to Indian PM, Aqeedat wrote, “Once my father told me that winning of hearts is a marvelous job. Perhaps you have won the hearts of Indian people. Therefore you won the election in UP. But I must tell you if you want to win more Indian and Pakistani hearts, you should take steps towards friendship and peace. Both countries need good relations.

While giving PM an idea of actions that can produce an outcome of peace she said, “Let’s decide that we wouldn’t buy bullets will buy books, will not buy guns, will buy the medicine by poor people.”

Girl writes letter to PM

Peace message by Pakistani girl to PM Modi

Aqeedat Naveed whose father is a professor at NCA (National College of Arts), is a role model for his 11 years old daughter as he previously written letters to many Indian leaders on various subjects.

The letter written by an innocent girl is roaming on social media and news websites around the globe while communicating the concerns of next generation over regional stability.

It is heartwarming that our youth is conscious to decades-old conflict that has caused any wars between the countries. Unfortunately, anyone who tries to give the message of peace is labeled as a traitor, the case of Indian girl GurMehar Kaur proves this.


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