Uber and Careem taxi services declared illegal

Punjab Provincial Transport Authority (PTA) has initiated crackdown against the mobile network based cab services like Careem, Uber, and A-one to be illegal.

Notification issued by the PTA stated “Careem, Uber, and A-one, etc. are offering Cab services through Mobile network technology without registering the private cars with any regulatory body and without obtaining the fitness certificate/ route permit of these cars causing significant loss to Government’s Exchequer and also a security threat to the general public traveling through cars”.

The provincial government is of view that private vehicles are used by cab service without getting any security clearance or route permit, which is impacting the government’s revenue and also treating the safety of riders.

Cab services banned

Taxi services like Uber and Careem stepped into Pakistan at the end of last year and became successful as people who wanted an instant transport service without standing in long ques to wait for buses were able to reach their destinations with greater ease. The companies also provide jobs to many car owners who could easily use their free time and vehicles to earn some money and mobilize the economy.

After the ban people took to social media and recorded their opinions.

Now when the provincial government has termed these cab services illegal as they were not following proper regulations, the affectees would not only be companies and car owners who use their vehicle as cabs but also the riders who had started relying on them.


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