PEMRA Banned

Pakistani Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA) is hell bent on banning news channels proving itself to be loyal to the king. Instead of defending its stance the government is trying to suppress the voices that may endanger its regime. If it is really so true in its opinion, then it should take its chance to defend its claim rather than being offensive.

Very lame reasons are cited in show cause notices to threaten the channels with ban or suspension of the license if Pemra finds them involved in spreading anti-PMLN rhetoric.

Initially, the authority banned the Dr Shahid Masood then issued the notice to ARY News channel for analysis on Ex-Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif’s Legacy on the matter of Dawn Leaks.

Authority later banned the suspended the licenses of Din News and Neo News for 30 days and fined them PKR 10,00,000 for accusing them of conducting analysis on the position of the supreme court and senior judges.

In response, Neo has also gained sympathies by showing that channel is busy in highlighting Kashmiri Freedom Movement and Indian Army’s atrocities in Indian-held Kashmir.

It indeed a good strategy for Neo Tv to grab attention from citizens in the name of Kashmir but the channel still needs to show courage to prove its actual stance if It thinks to be a custodian of truth promoter.

Social media platforms like Twitter have just popped up against the Pemra’s action to ban the channels, especially Neo Tv making the #StopSilecncingNeoTV a top trend.

The authority may be right, or it must have reserves on the stance of channels, but crushing the voices and keeping journalists off from expressing their opinions by banning news channels just proves that government shows zero tolerance for any analysis that may be fatal for its existence.


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