Hijab wearing female students

With the win of Donald Trump following the divisive elections in the US, two cases of assault on female students wearing hijab are reported in America.

In two separate incidents, the hijab-wearing female students were attacked in their universities. The first incident happened at San Diego state university where two men robbed the woman in the parking lot; they took her car’s keys after which the car went missing. According to Police, the robbers also passed comments about Trump and Muslims.

In the second incident, two white men beat a Muslim student, stole her wallet and headscarf, and passed obscene racial remarks to her at the University of Louisiana. Police official reported that one man was wearing the white Trump hat. Both attacks were reported after the eruption of protests in different states following the Trump’s victory.

Elliot Hirshman, the president of San Diego State University Muslim Union, termed these attacks as a hate crime.

He said, “We condemn this hateful act and urge all members of our community to join us in condemning such offensive acts”.

Meanwhile, both attacks are being probed by the authorities in California, Kamala Harris, the Attorney General of California, has outlined the laws that prohibit such hate crimes by issuing an information bulletin to law enforcement agencies.



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