Meera facing financial crises

The real sensation of Pakistani media created ruckus at Punjab Institute of Language Art and Culture (PILAC) where she went to attend the Spring Festival.

Upon her arrival at PILAC Meera refused to enter the building and demanded an attendance fee of Rs 25000 which organizers refused to pay as they had invited celebrities just to honor the event and not to perform.

During her argument with festival organizers, she also amassed the media and started lamenting about her financial crises she was facing due to lack of work.

According to media reports, PILAC director Dr. Sughra Sadaf was forced to give Meera 25000 from her pocket after later started shouting and created drama before the media personals.

Meera also addressed CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif and asked him to pay attention towards the artists who were facing financial difficulties for not finding enough work.

She also told media that now when film industry has shifted to Karachi, artists are finding it tough to meet their travel and accommodation expenses.

Meera, who once ruled on the Pakistani cinema is now famous in entertainment industry merely because of her funny English, dramatic entries at events and controversial marriages. She also made headlines when she tried to enter the Gaddafi Stadium for watching PSL Final 2017 and was stopped by the security forces.

The dilemma of the artists like Meera can be attributed to the fact that every celebrity has to pass a confused situation at any point on the path leading towards her demise that often makes them use cheap tactics for restoring a frame completely devoid of any glory.

At times certain controversies can hit the celebrities even at the peak of their careers too like witnessed in the case of British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan who survived many scandals that were created out of his private life.


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