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Irrfan Khan leaves his fans in tears, A look into his legacy

The famous Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan died after battling Neuroendocrine Tumors for the past two years. Here's what he has left for all of his fans

Dirilis Ertugrul; Why you should watch this TV show?

Being called as the Islamic version of Game of Thrones, what is this Dirilis Ertugrul? Why is it giving rise to such admiration and disgust?

Insane fee hike by private schools in Pakistan and the miserable parents

Insane fee hike by private schools in Pakistan has made life miserable for the parents who have started to protests on roads to raise voice against the injustice

Water Crisis in Pakistan; Causes and Effects

Water Crisis in Pakistan should be a burning issue and all should play their role to curb it. Here are the causes and effects of shortage.

Thousands of years old Katas Raj in Pakistan holds rich history

Katas Raj, a hidden gem in Pakistan, houses many cultures and religions dating back to thousands of years. Almost 300 km from Lahore, it's a worth visiting place

Here are the most dangerous roads of Pakistan

Pakistan is full of adventure. The country has some most dangerous roads that lead to heaven like valleys and mountains in the extreme north. Here is the list for you

Through educational videos, a young Pakistani changes lives of poor children

With the help of educational videos, a young Pakistani is changing the lives of underprivileged children. Check out how he is continuing the mission

Jeremy McLellan is physically in America, but his heart stays in Pakistan

Jeremy McLellan is back in the U.S.A, but his heart will always remain partially Pakistani. He learned so many things here and made many friends

Jeremy McLellan, the biryani loving comedian is absolutely loving Pakistan!

Jeremy McLellan is a stand-up comedian from Charleston and is currently touring Pakistan for shows. He is loving this country!

Basmah Shahid: The girl who takes magical portraits of people

Basmah Shahid is a Pakistani girl based in Jeddah who is a passionate photographer. She tells her experience with the camera and how she got into it

This Pakistani woman Rukhsana Izhar feeds hundreds of needy people everyday

Rukhsana Izhar of Lahore feeds hundreds of needy people every day by cooking for them herself. Her wish is to live forever by serving humanity

I’m a writer in Business School – Safian Bin Rizwan

Safian Bin Rizwan is a God gifted writer, who can run emotions through us with a single paragraph he writes.