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Jeremy McLellan, the biryani loving comedian is absolutely loving Pakistan!

Jeremy McLellan is a stand-up comedian from Charleston and is currently touring Pakistan for shows. He is loving this country!

Basmah Shahid: The girl who takes magical portraits of people

Basmah Shahid is a Pakistani girl based in Jeddah who is a passionate photographer. She tells her experience with the camera and how she got into it

This Pakistani woman Rukhsana Izhar feeds hundreds of needy people everyday

Rukhsana Izhar of Lahore feeds hundreds of needy people every day by cooking for them herself. Her wish is to live forever by serving humanity

I’m a writer in Business School – Safian Bin Rizwan

Safian Bin Rizwan is a God gifted writer, who can run emotions through us with a single paragraph he writes.

This Ukrainian lady fell in love with Lahore Fort

From Lahore Fort to Sindhi music and from Badshahi Masjid to Faisal Mosque, Ukrainian lady has fallen in love with everything on her dream trip to Pakistan

Cassandra de Pecol; world’s fastest traveler fell in love with Islam and Pakistan

Cassandra de Pecol is the world's fastest female traveler from the US who fell in love with Pakistan and Islam during her visit. Read more about her journey and plans

World’s top 5 dangerous airlines

Our world tops five most dangerous airlines compilation. PIA is in the list, due to the safety, technical violations and corruption.

Bahawalpur: Gems From The South

Bahawalpur is one of the overlooked cities of Pakistan but it has a very rich history and culture. Noor Mahal, Darbar Mahal, Gulzar Mahal, Saqiq Garh Mahal are few of its attractions

Islamabad; Heaven For Adventurers

Islamabad is a place full of surprises. Many of us take it as a place to do business, in fact, there are many stunning and picturesque adventure locations

Climate change is disastrous for Pakistan; how it is eating us?

Climate change is becoming disastrous for our economy to the tune of $6 to $14 billion per annum and creating millions of climate refugees every year