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Metro Feeder Buses

Metro Feeder Buses are ready to start in Multan

After Lahore, the metro feeder buses are ready to hit the roads in other cities of Punjab. Authorities have confirmed that the buses are ready for Multan
Hussian killed by Arial firing

“I have been shot” – a 15 years old Hussain’s last words

A fifteen-year-old Hussian, became a target of Arial firing and died when the whole country was celebrating Pakistan's victory against India

Has begging become a profession in Pakistan?

Begging is seen to be increasing as a profession in our country, and we need to stop it. Find out the solutions we can adopt to stop it.

My top 5 summer lipsticks!

Choosing the perfect lip color shade for summer can be really difficult. Here are 5 lipsticks that you need to get for yourself this season!

Ever wonder why 33% marks are required to pass your exams?

A lot of students wonder why 33% is required to pass their matriculation or intermediate examination. Here's the answer you want!

Out comes the most awaited festive collection by Elan

Khadijah Shah has finally blessed our wait with the seven most jaw-dropping designs by Elan for their festive Eid collection. Find out more about them here!
energy drinks

The harmful effects of energy drinks on your brain and heart

Energy drinks are widely known to improve concentration and help you lose sleep, but do you know how they are affecting your body from the inside? Find out.

Secrets to leading a healthy life!

Maintaining a healthy life is not all about strict diets. Some basic lifestyle changes can help you bear a sound mind and body as well!
junk food

The junk food iftar deals you should avoid!

Several junk food chains are offering Iftar deals which are appealing and are present at very low prices. But should they be devoured or not?

How fasting in Ramadan cleanse and strengthen your body

Ramadan is not only about spiritual blessings, rather fasting helps our body go through a process of body detoxification which is very beneficial.