youngest entrepreneur

Is the world’s youngest entrepreneur a Pakistani 9 year old girl?

Zymal Umer is believed to be the world's youngest entrepreneur, and she's definitely making us proud as Pakistanis.
medical and dental colleges

The Medical and Dental Colleges Admissions Test to be held again tomorrow for Punjab

The medical and dental colleges entrance exam is being re-held tomorrow after it was announced that the previous exam paper was leaked. What a tragedy!
child educational videos

Through educational videos, a young Pakistani changes lives of poor children

With the help of educational videos, a young Pakistani is changing the lives of underprivileged children. Checkout how he is doing
education for transgenders

Free education for transgenders, a step towards progress for Pakistan?

This institution just announced free education for transgenders, and we think its a positive step towards the development and progress of Pakistan.
education for women

Education for women, can Pakistan progress without it?

If Pakistan wants to progress, it really needs to start focusing on making education for women widely available across the nation.
education system

How the local education system according to a student has failed us

The local education system, including matric, inter, bachelors etc. is not helping students groom properly in the field of education.

Is the transgender community in Pakistan not considered human beings?

The discussion of the transgender community in Pakistan is a taboo, however, there are some trans people working towards the betterment of the society.

NACTA briefs CM KPK on National Counter Extremism Policy

NACTA explains the implementation strategy of National Counter Extremism Policy (NCEP) to the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in a meeting.
medical students

Medical students only to be allowed 4 attempts to clear exams

Medical students will only be allowed 4 tries to pass their exams in the first and second year of MBBS.
private schools

The pressure of private schools, is it too much to handle?

Private schools are pressurizing students a lot in the world of today, in order for the students to score perfect grades. Is it justified?

Khaadi is depriving workers of basic human rights; and thats just the tip of...

Khaadi has been faking its records related to its employees towards the Government for a very long time, depriving them of their basic human rights.
I think we would not Celebrate Pakistan Day this time- Minar-e-Pakistanvideo

Are we celebrating Independence day or Nawaz Day?

Independence Day a mark of identity & patriotism to celebrate. But I think we would not celebrate Pakistan Day this time as we are celebrating Nawaz Day.
cold drinks banned in schools of Punjab- cola

Cold drinks banned in schools of Punjab

Cold drinks ban in schools, no one will allow to sell them in schools or near to them.The initiative is taken by Punjab government is a great achievement.
painting peaches

Painting peaches red so they look ripe, street fruit sellers deceiving customers at its...

Street fruit sellers have been caught painting peaches and other fruits to make them look ripe! Beware of these issues before buying fruit.
UCP law college

Only 13 out of 39 Law colleges in Punjab are fit for law education

An affiliation committee confirmed that only 13 out of 39 law colleges affiliated with University of the Punjab are recommended to offer 5 year degree for Law.