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Is the transgender community in Pakistan not considered human beings?

The discussion of the transgender community in Pakistan is a taboo, however, there are some trans people working towards the betterment of the society.

Cold drinks banned in schools of Punjab

Cold drinks ban in schools; no one will be allowed to sell them in schools or around. The Punjab government takes the initiative is a significant step.

5 Suspicious things which prove Ayesha Gulalai wrong

Ayesha Gulalai is making tall claims but 5 things are proving her wrong. The question arises, why she remained silent and why she does not leave MNA seat?

Gharida Farooqi Fired from Express News after Child Abuse Case?

Gharida Farooqi, the famous TV anchor of G for Gharidah is reportedly fired by the Express news following the controversial child abuse case.

Famous Anchor Gharida Farooqi commits Child Abuse at Home?

The Famous TV anchor Gharida Farooqi is allegedly involved in torturing the child maid employed at her home and has refused to let her go.

This Pakistani woman Rukhsana Izhar feeds hundreds of needy people everyday

Rukhsana Izhar of Lahore feeds hundreds of needy people every day by cooking for them herself. Her wish is to live forever by serving humanity

PPP diehard worker brutally tortured in Bilawal Bhutto’s Iftar Party

A PPP diehard worker was brutally tortured by other party's workers because the poor soul wished to meet his party leadership at in Iftar party

Maria Wazir, famous Squash player, maligns Pakistan in her success story

The famous Pakistani Squash player, Maria Wazir recently at Oslo Freedom Forum maligned Pakistan in her success story by twisted facts and fabrications

Has begging become a profession in Pakistan?

Begging is seen to be increasing as a profession in our country, and we need to stop it. Find out the solutions we can adopt to stop it.

Khaadi in deep trouble; fired its workers ahead of Ramadan

Khaadi, an international brand, probably makes millions of rupees as profit. It has just fired 32 workers for demanding a higher wage right before Ramadan.

Readings – every reader’s paradise in Lahore!

In a time where children are detached from books and literature, Readings in Lahore serves to be a wonderful place to give our mental health a treat.

Famous Ice-cream Brands Get Exposed For Misleading Customers

Ice-cream brands in Pakistan are misleading customers by selling deceptive products. They are selling frozen desserts in the name of nutritious food.