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Metro Feeder Buses in Lahore; there routes and fare are here

Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif has inaugurated the Metro Feeder Buses that would connect the 27 km long corridor of Metro Bus with rest of the city.

Are you eating halal? KFC serves non-halal food with fake halal certificates

As the demand for halal chicken is increasing worldwide, more controversies about the fast food outlets like KFC selling non-halal chicken are emerging.

Brands like Haleeb sell poison in the name of tetra pack Milk; Report in SC

Tetra pack milk brands like Haleeb are hell-bent on making you a superhuman as they sell hazardous chemicals in the name of healthy milk.

World’s top 5 dangerous airlines

Our world tops five most dangerous airlines compilation. PIA is in the list, due to the safety, technical violations and corruption.

PIA’s passenger plane crashes while flying from Chitral to Islamabad

PIA plane flying from Islamabad to Havelian crashed. PK 661 took off from Havelian at 16:00 and was supposed to land at 17:00.

Climate change is disastrous for Pakistan; how it is eating us?

Climate change is becoming disastrous for our economy to the tune of $6 to $14 billion per annum and creating millions of climate refugees every year