Rainbow mountains

Rainbow Mountains mentioned in the Quran discovered to be in China!

The Rainbow Mountains were talked about in the Quran some 1400 years ago, and they are present in China in real life!
Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort

Here’s why a membership at Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort is a must-have

Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort is located 30 minutes away from Lahore, but it is the best place to spend your summers at with family and friends!
Tourists in Pakistan

Top 5 Reasons that attract tourists in Pakistan

Pakistan is not a lonely planet, people all over the world love to visit here. Here are top 5 reasons that attract tourists in Pakistan, read all & be proud
north of pakistan

The north of Pakistan is like heaven on Earth, literally

The north of Pakistan is beautiful, and we see the experience of a student, Iqra Bhatti, who shares with us pictures from her trip!
Longest hanging bridge

New attraction for tourists as world’s longest hanging bridge opens

The world's longest hanging bridge opens in Switzerland bringing attraction for tourists across globe and also this pedestrian bridge offers great views
Ukrainian lady visited Pakistan

Ukrainian lady falls in love with Lahore Fort, a dream come true

From Lahore Fort to Sindhi music and from Badshahi Masjid to Faisal Mosque, Ukrainian lady has fallen in love with everything on her dream trip to Pakistan
Forbidden places

5 forbidden places on Earth

Freedom of movement? But no, there are some forbidden places in the world that you people can not visit that too for some special reasons
world heritage

A no-girls allowed island now on UNESCO’s world heritage list?

UNESCO has just added an island of Japan to its world heritage list. But this Island is not ordinary, because it doesn't allow women on it!
expectation vs reality

7 major travel destination letdowns

Don't be decieved by fancy pictures shown in travel agencies add or movies, have a look at our list of travel destination letdowns

Pakistan and Nepal to cooperate in tourism

It has been agreed that Pakistan and Nepal will cooperate in tourism sector for the benefit of their people and promotion of tourism in both countries
reason why you visit HUNZA

Six reasons why you need to visit Hunza this summer

Hunza being rich with natural beauty has so many mesmerizing sights to visit and a perfect vacation and tourist spot for all
the hidden island

A hidden island in Pakistan could be your next vacation point

The hidden island of Astola with a beautiful beach known as ' the Island of the Seven Hills' that could be your next vacation point

10 Noticeable Differences between Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

Some consider Saudi Arabia to be a little more conservative than the United Arab Emirates. Here are some obvious differences stated!
south africa

South Africa – A must visit place on Earth

South Africa is definitely the most beautiful place you can visit on Earth. It has natural beauty, and there are some places you ought to go to when there!
Buddhist remains in Swat Valley

Extincting Remains of Buddha Civilization in the Swat Valley

Swat Valley hosts beautiful remains of Buddha Civilization. Efforts should be made to protect these sites and to promote tourism here.