Why Chaand Raat is sometimes more fun than Eid itself


Chaand Raat is the night when Muslims spot the moon for the beginning of the month of Shawwal, knowing that Ramadan has ended and Eid will be celebrated for the next 3 days!

This night is full of celebrations and is indeed one of the most fun evenings for girls across the world, especially Pakistan. Here’s why:

  1. The build up of seeing the moon:

Chaand raat

Everyone’S gathered up on their rooves, while the rest are glued to their televisions. The build up of sighting the moon for Eid is the most fun part of Chaand Raat. And as soon as it is announced that the moon has been sighted, the entire cities lights up!

2. You find out tomorrow’s Eid:

Chaand raat

Oh my God! Only 29 Rozas this Ramadan! We won’t have to control our diet anymore, and we can eat as much as we want to!

3. Girls go out for Mehendi:

Chaand raat

Girls rush to Salons or Markets as soon as they find out it’s going to be Eid in the morning to get their hands beautifully decorated by Mehendi designs.

4. The celebrations:

Chaand raat

Celebrations on Chaand raat are fun to watch. Some people light up the sky with fireworks, children go out on the streets and play with “patakhay”, everyone runs out to the bazaars for last moment preparations. All this hassle and bustle screams “Eid Mubarak!” to us.

5. Dressing up:

Chaand raat

Girls have special outfits picked out even for this evening. They express their excitement and happiness by dressing up in nice clothes and makeup, wear bangles, and head out to enjoy themselves!

6. Dances and music:

Chaand raat

Now that Ramadan is over, music is put on once again and friends and family gather together to have a memorable time by dancing and celebrating enthusiastically for Eid!

7. Going out to Markets:

Chaand raat

Going out to the Markets and Bazaars like Liberty Market in Lahore is just great. Everyone is full of enthusiasm, everywhere you look you often run into people you know, and the spirit is just so lively to welcome Eid!

8. An evening with family:

Chaand raat

No matter what, Chaand Raat is the evening when close family gathers together and they spend some quality time together. You often make prayers to thank Allah for a blessed Ramadan and prepare for Eid in the morning.

9. The food preparations:

Chaand raat

Everyone starts food preparations for Eid, in order to welcome the guests warmly with mouth watering dishes!

10. This night comes only once a year:

Chaand raat

One major reason why everyone’s so excited for this night is that it comes only once a year, on the eve of Eid ul Fitr. So people celebrate as wonderfully as they can being happy, stupid, and insane, as they prepare and welcome Eid and the further months of the year!




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