Chairman PITB Dr. Umer Saif in trouble

Dr. Umer Saif, Chairman PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) is all set to restore the Uber and Careem in Punjab by using his influence.

He used Twitter handle to assure that he is working on Careem and Uber Issue.
Dr. Umer Saif who earlier made efforts to bring the cab services like Uber and Careem to Pakistan seems to be lobbying for these services by asking the Chief Minister to amend the relevant law that is declaring these services to be illegal.

Although CM is angry with his officer but he would surely pay heed to his call and move ahead with making changes.
The time these services started working in Pakistan; they didn’t fulfill the legal formalities. PITB didn’t coordinate with the authorities and service providers for later to comply with the relevant laws, The Uber and Careem were of opinion that they were just a mobile app and while possession of vehicles lies within owners, so the need for a route permit for vehicle or security authentication lies within owners only.
The cab service providers through mobile technology didn’t register as a company and hence pay no tax to the government while earning significant revenue. Perhaps, Uber and Careem are among those few e-commerce businesses that are directly impacting the government’s revenue.

In case, the PITB chairman succeeds in using his influence for cab services, then still the security of riders would remain a concern as the fitness of drivers would still be a critical issue. and needs a proper mechanism to be testified.


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