Biryaniwala in india

Spotting a handsome chaiwala in Pakistan or a modeling stuff biryaniwala in India is proof that consciously or unconsciously both countries always take their traditional rivalry at any level.

Instant fame of Chaiwala in Pakistan and now the modeling career of this biryaniwala in India would make you reconsider certain social stereotypes; like an ordinary working class man has no right to be handsome and goodlooking and in case he happens to be so then he must make a breaking news and become viral.

Well, the case of Indian Biryaniwala is not much same like the Pakistani Chaiwala. As reported by the Hindustan Times, Majid, traditionally known as a chotu at biryani stall was spotted by reporters and then asked to pursue career in modeling due to his unique and stunning looks.

Initially the man refused as he thought that he knew more about Biryani than modeling. She was shy before camera and didn’t know how to pose. Later, his mentors made him able to become aquainted with all these things and now he is all set to continue with his modelling career.

Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala’s ramp debut as showstopper

Off course, the a lucrative amount of money that modeling promises as compared to INR 7000 earned on a biryani is enough to compel  a man to overcome all shyness before camera.

Arshad Khan aka Chai wala featured in a nasty and horrible music video

It is really good if both the countries keep on benefiting their working class as a matter of prusuing rivalry or competitoon, perhaps this can be a way to use an old enmeity for the favor of masses. There is onething we must need to consider, making a breaking news out of the good looks of a biryaniwala and chaiweala at times just sounds that working class has no right to be beautiful. One can reward a uniqueness by attributing with a trait that any human being can possess.


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