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By now, we all are very well aware of the Internet’s endless power capable of making a person famous overnight. Whether it is coke studio singer Momina Mustehsan or Arshad Khan, a Chaiwala, the credit of their final position goes to the social media. Amidst all these stars who started shining in the sky with the miracles of social media, no lack of victims became a target of public criticism only because of some random insane act.

Apart from the fascinating aspect of social media what we are totally missing is how it is making the phrase “humor at the expense of others” more bitter and brutal. The latest victim of this cruel internet sensation was a girl student from Lahore who couldn’t resist her emotional excitement for being around the Murree’s snow falling beauty, enough to remain composed before a TV reporter.


She was among the group of girls whom a reporter interviewed at Mall Road Murree and asked about their views on first snow falling of the year. While one girl just said aspire to inspire the other couldn’t know how to express excitement appropriately and just uttered “We are proud of you” only to become a meme content for the social media humorists.

The very phrase that kept on roaming on the internet on different contexts while making the audience to laugh out loud for making it relatable. On the other side, the girl fell into a depression and became a patient of anxiety after she saw herself turning into a center of gossips on the internet.

The issue is that what we want is just our entertainment, but we forget that the very person or the theme we are exploiting might be losing someone’s dignity. Unfortunately, the memes that utilized the phrase “we are proud of you” often came out to be too much offensive for a typical Pakistani girl. The fundamental problem lies in the very understanding of the emotional level of a person.

She might not be well versed in English but she was not a filmstar who would go an extra mile to be the center of headlines.

Although the social media active youth realized its mistake and prompted others to delete all the stuff that made fun of her words, still the girl would take an enormous time to come out of all the mess created in the name of entertainment.

She just wanted to express her sentiments that were misperceived and then criticized in a very wrong way. Making fun of her emotions in such a way is simply defamation that is an offense under the cybercrime law too.

Here the law should not be the conscious factor; people must be aware that everything that goes on the internet becomes viral so the making fun of a person too and not everyone can afford to see his personality becoming the victim of a sensational humor.


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