Chand Raat Diaries


Chand Raat is one of those nights, everyone wants to enjoy to the fullest and no one wants to miss it. It is basically a name of all the excitement pouring out on the streets in form of jam-packed bazars and in homes in the shape of all the chaos for tomorrow’s big day’s preparation.

However, Chand Raat in Pakistan is about certain customary things that are enjoyable every year no matter how many times you did it before.

1. Chand sighting

In Pakistan, the Popalzai vs Ruet-e-Hilal Committee series every year add distinction to the tale of Chand questing. However, every family member literally sticks to the screen to listen to the Mufti Sahab’s Eid proclamation.

It’s hard to sight moon at its first date but still some of us right after munching our pakora jumped to the terrace to detect the moon, no matter, we always failed in it.Chand Raat

2. The Eid Mubarak texts

And just a minute after Eid announcement, your phone starts beeping as the flow of the Eid greetings coming to your way. Brace yourself for them!Chand Raat texts

3. The return of Satan

As soon as Ramzan is over, the gossip squad pour its heart out after a long thirty-days of self-restraint. The haram talks begin!Chand Raat gossip

4. Darzi – the real hitch

If you are a Pakistani, then you must be very familiar with the tale of women suffering the late deliveries of their Eid dresses by the tailors. Darzi is the most wanted man on Chand Raat, eventually.Chand Raat

5. Chand Raat Shopping

It’s all about getting the perfect shoes, matching dupatta and not to forget the flashy bangles. From grandmother to the youngest kid of the home, everyone is out for shopping. But the one phrase of “Chand Raat ki shopping” is literally a horror tale for our men; as they generally don’t like shopping much. Chand Raat shopping

All these things make this festive more vibrant and we should relish it as much as we can; because after all, this night deserves to be remembered.


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