Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to frame committee

Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif has expressed his concerns over the untaxed cab services like Uber, Careem, and A-one. He acknowledged the fact that pick and drop services powered by mobile apps were providing luxury and economical services to customers, but he also felt unsatisfaction on the legal status of these companies.

According to Express Tribune, Chief Minister also framed a four-membered committee consisting of Transport secretary, Cheif executive officer Lahore Transport Company, chief traffic officer Lahore with Chairman PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board), Dr. Umer Saif as head of the committee after a meeting to take into consideration the matter.

The company would work to propose a legal framework for Android-based cab services by making a new tax regime that would comprise private and public vehicle taxation systems under the transport department.

In the meeting point was also raised regarding the PITB sharing data of the driver’s licenses with one of these app powered cab services to which Umer Saif, Chairman PITB answered that this was done as a security measure to make them verify these drivers.

A document that emerged on the scene making the news of the ban on Uber and Careem also raises the concerns for departments where one department is looking to ban while other considers them just an internal document.

Well, the leakage of records is also another issue as it also calls for to consider the fact that although the tax war between the companies and PRA (Punjab Revenue Authority) was there since the launch of businesses, why the issue is brought to limelight now.

Uber and Careem, the cab services that are famous for providing affordable and comfortable pick and drops, are not registered with any regulatory bodies and hence pay no tax; the fact that made their status illegal.

Both these companies are using tactics to evade tax and continuing to expand in Pakistan without having a legal status.


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