Kit Kat with 6500 free chocolates

Just be a victim of kit kat theft in car and company would replenish your car with a stock of 6500 more Kit Kats out of sheer generosity.

The incident occurred in Kansas State Univeristy where the student just forgot to lock his car while leaving it in parking and came back just to find out that his single bar of Kit Kat was stolen. The thief of Kit Kat also left a note stating his love for the chocolate and inability to stop the urge of taking it from car’s dashboard after he found the car locked.

The chocolate manufacturer company came to compensate the victim after he posted about the theft and note of the thief. He was amazed when two representatives from the enterprise came to visit him in university and gifted him 6500 chocolates.

The student who was surprised by this unexpected gift distributed all the chocolate among the friends and again posted the pictures of the incident on social media.

Meanwhile, other people are wondering whether other companies would follow suit and start compensating their customers for the products they lost.

Apart from providing compensation to a victim, giving free Kit Kats and then posting of the incident on social media on behalf of the public is indeed a good marketing idea. Hershey company has undoubtedly chosen for a clever trick for promoting its product.


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