Clash between opposing student groups in Punjab University

Cops have been employed in Punjab University, given the chances of any possible clash between student groups at the campus.

According to local media reports, Islami Jamiat-e-Taliba and Pakhtoon students group have given calls of protest in Punjab University that may result in a fight between them, given the nature of their historical conflicts.

Few weeks before a clash between both the opposite factions had resulted in many injuries. Incident took place when IJT, a conservative student group of Pakistan’s oldest political party, Jamat e Islami, had resisted violently over Pakhtoon cultural day, making Police intervene for dispersing the students and ending the fight.

IJT students had reacted this way after Pakhtoon students were celebrating their culture through their traditional dance, Attan.

Deeming the incident as an attack on a famous cultural tradition,  the Pakhtoon youth had arranged for gatherings to perform Attan outside the campus as a step to protest against IJT’s hostile action in Punjab University.

After the incident administration took stringent action while putting a ban on extra-curricular activities at the campus. Still, outrageous student groups manage to devise ways for voicing their narratives and propagating their ideology, specially IJT that enjoys a stronghold in Punjab University.


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