Sex education in Pakistan through curriculum

Have you ever gone through social media memes, that differentiate between activities of the modern time’s children and millennials as kids? If not then here is a famous one.

“Today ten year old is crying because he broke up, at his age, I used to shed tears because I missed my morning cartoons.”

What is the fundamental reason for these break-ups and patch-ups leading to listening sorrowful classic melodies at such an early age when kids should be bothering about not forgetting the nursery rhymes?

No, don’t blame technological advancements, films, dramas and TV content. The real culprit is the curriculum taught at schools that make eight years old kids learn that you can have a boyfriend who might ditch you, but there is no need to worry as your refuge lies in a bar where you can drink away all your desperation with a possibility of finding another guy as an alternate.

The issue came under discussion after a morning show video where anchor waves such contentious school books taught to grade III students and laments over the content with two religious scholars.

The audacity of school books doesn’t end at corrupting the innocent minds with such Romeo-Juliet crises rather it continues with content that teaches kids adult content as a Maulana reveals a chapter from a book that explains, about male and female reproductive organs with particular reference to sexual intercourse.

Telling kids the stories of relationships and break ups is not a new thing, In East, grandmothers have always taught their grandchildren fantasy tales of beautiful princesses and their prince charmings falling in love with each other while running away from this vicious world that would never allow their patch up.

Even if school curriculum is set in a way that kids don’t catch up in the net of fantasy tales then still there are platforms where likeliness of adopting norms that are vicious to Eastern society doesn’t fade away.

Talking about sex is always considered a social taboo. Even parents refrain from guiding their kids about this very natural thing and in teenage or any other stage in life when they see any signs if infidelity in their children the first thing they communicate to them about this is usually a shrill scold.

Whenever there would be a debate about what to teach Pakistani kids in school through the curriculum with particular reference to their social and moral upbringing, there are some issues would always raise the head.

Issues for designing curriculum

1. In an era of globalization would it possible to save the children from western influence even if we are teaching them about core oriental values?

2. Would designing a curriculum that would make them stick to social and moral norms be equally effective in making them think critically and decide what is wrong and what is right?

3. Even if critical thinking is taught to our kids then how we would know that children have become able to decide what is right and what is wrong with them?

4. Do we take into account the psyche of kids to examine how much a content can make them vulnerable?

What students should be taught in schools, is a significant issue in a heterogeneous as well as homogeneous society. In the first, not all the factions of society agree upon all the principles while in the later teaching of principles which are accepted often leads to biasedness, prejudice leading to the closing of the doors to critical thinking.

In the twenty-first century, when the world has become a global village, it is not easy to ward off impacts of globalization and adapt to the norms of culture that resides thousands miles away. Yes, one thing that can be a guiding principle is a nature of kids that decides their behavior. To make sure that our future generation goes in right direction and thinks in a critical way while remaining safe from any betrayal to contribute progressively to society in a healthy way, a check and balance is needed on their school bags and the ideas they are imbibed with during their class hours.


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