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Coke studio is finally going to launch its 10th season in August this year, and it is expected to be grand as it celebrates this launch with Pakistan’s 70th anniversary in the same month!

For the past 10 years, Coke Studio has provided a platform to upcoming artists who have worked hard and fulfilled their dreams in the field of music. It has offered different singers, musicians, instrumentalists, music producers a stage where they can showcase their talent, and never in all these years have we ever been disappointed with what we have seen. Every year there are artists in front of us who are better than the preceding year, and every year we are astonished by how wonderfully talented musicians in Pakistan are. We would go so much more further if people who had these talents had more platforms like Coke Studio!

Coke Studio has reached a fan following in over 150 countries. Last year, Momina Mustehsan’s Afreen Afreen went viral when Turkish men did a cover of it. A lighter and much softer side of Pakistan has been depicted through this platform, and it has helped give Pakistan’s music society a new life as new talents emerge here every year.

The General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan, Rizwan U. Khan stated,

“We have come a long way since we embarked on this challenging journey a decade ago. Looking back, we feel greatly humbled that Coke Studio has been able to achieve so much, in terms of bringing virtually unknown or little known musicians into the national limelight, re-introducing music genres like qawwali and sufi music to the youth of Pakistan, continuing to stay true to the promise of producing quality fusion of music and practically playing an important role in reviving the music industry of Pakistan.”

Season 10 will feature more such new talent alongside some of the biggest names in Pakistani music. Danyal Zafar, Ali Zafar’s younger brother is expected to debut next to him! Among these younger performers are the children of some of the country’s leading singers performing with their fathers, bearing forward the heritage and legacy of their parents.

We eagerly wait for the launch of Season 10 as we know it will be way beyond our expectations. Besides, what’s better than celebrating your country turning 70 as the biggest music platform hits a milestone of 10?



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