Arshad Khan Chaiwala

All the rumors related to news of Arshad Khan leaving the showbiz have proven wrong as the man is back after agreeing to the condition put by his family.

Media didn’t let go away any chance to confuse the man about his choice of a career in showbiz. Soon after the Arshad Khan’s pictures from his video song with a female singer Muskan Jay became viral, social media didn’t take time in digging out his old statement regarding his intent to work in showbiz.

Although there was nothing in the video that can be termed as bold by any means but still, it was a chance to criticize, so everyone took this as to affordability.

Soon after the propaganda, news surfaced that Arshad Khan would quit showbiz because of family pressure. It was also reported that man would start a career in journalism as the family had no objections to it.

According to the latest reports by Tribune the man is going to where but his family has granted him permission to continue work only on the condition that he wouldn’t indulge in any bold scene as the one in Muskan Jay’s video.

We just wonder if Arshad Khan wouldn’t do anything again like Muskaan Jay’s music video, what else he would do. We just hope that man also come up with a precise definition of bold.


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