Veena Malik has just released the teaser of her upcoming music video while revealing a quite contradicting look.

In a series of Tweets, she first gave a glimpse of her comeback in showbiz industry with her entry into the music scene, after remaining in news headlines due to her seemingly pretentious divorce controversy from her husband, Asad Bashir Khattak.

Does this mean that Veena Malik would keep herself to music scene only?

No, it is what defines her or she wants to be recognized by this field.

She finally revealed the trailer of her song, which seems to be a tribute to the nation of national heroes on her Youtube channel.

It seems that Veena is re-entering the entertainment industry with complete planning, her divorce controversy that captured enough media attention is also said to be a part of this plan.

On the Pakistan’s National Day she released a national song on her official Facebook page that was produced by her in collaboration with her husband Asad Bashir Khattak.


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