On charges of covering the strategically sensitive details of Pathankot incident, the Indian Ministry of Information has banned the Indian Channel, NDTV for twenty-four hours. Indian government’s decision to take the channel off-air for one day has received¬†massive criticism for being a prohibition of freedom of expression.

NDTV has responded that there was nothing extraordinary in the coverage of Pathankot incident by NDTV rather it was a balanced one.

The delicate details that government claims NDTV revealed were regarding ammunition quantity in the base. The government is of the opinion that NDTV showed the ammunition such as rocket launchers, fighter plane, mortars, MiGs and helicopters present at the air base. Such revelations could have assisted the terrorists or their supporters to launch further attacks and consequently jeopardise the security of citizens along with National Standing of India.

The Pathankot air base was attacked on Jan 2, 2016, as a result of it, seven soldiers were killed. The Indian government had termed it as a terrorist attack.

The respective ban would start on 9 November, at 1 pm according to Indian Standard Time and end after the 24 hours of its initiation.

Many journalists, citizens and people from different fields of life in India and Pakistan have responded differently to this ban.

Pakistan banned all Indian News Channels, but India banned only one Pakistani Channel. (@gauravpathak)

Yes, many channels earn money from BJP, but NDTV is earning people. It is not only a good journalism but a good business policy, to be honest. (#NDTV Banned).

NDTV banned, it is the democracy or dictatorship. (@imnazim)

NDTV in India is deemed as a liberal channel and often criticised for being pro-Pakistani. The band by the Indian government has satisfied the concerns of citizens who think NDTV is against the national agenda, but it has also raised concerns on behalf of journalists who perceive this ban as the violation of media’s freedom and democratic values.


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