7 ways CPEC would impact Pakistani culture; Are you ready for it?


Do you know how CPEC is going to be a game changer in the region?

Yes, it would change the rules of playing the field but in a  dynamic way. Its  impacts wouldn’t only be socio-economic in nature as speculated but they would be socio-cultural or may be political in a long run

Its impacts wouldn’t only be a socio-economic character but they would be socio-cultural or may be political in the long-term, but one thing is sure that it would alter your surrounding to some extent making you rethink your personal choices even.

1. Getting a Chinese life partner

Pakistani man marries a Chinese

Have you heard the news of a Chinese girl coming to Pakistan after marrying a guy from Pakpattan? It is not the only story, as many Pak-China marriages have taken place in past. With the influx of more Chinese in Pakistan due to CPEC, we are more likely to witness more such marriages.

No matters whether your family has reserved you for a cousin or not changing cultural dynamics would at least once make you review your choices.

2. Need to learn Chinese

Chinese Book

CPEC means a lot of jobs and the chances are that you may end up getting one. Here, a neutral Lingua Franca like English wouldn’t be sufficient, and you would need to learn Chinese, if not by heart then at least enough to communicate with your client or impress your boss. Even PCJCCI (Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce) has also published a book for students who are looking forward to learning the language of their decade-old friend ready to become a close relative.

3. Talking help from Chinese dictionary

If you don’t have enough time to learn this new language than a dictionary can be the life saver. Given the nature of ever strengthing Pak-China relations, PCJCCI has also published a Chinese to English and Urdu dictionary. This would surely help you learn new idiomatic phrases in the new language that you would need for better communication with your co-workers.

4. Seeing Chinese in desi dress

Chinese in Desi Dress

Do you remember foreign players of PSL wearing Shalwar Qameez, especially the Islamabad United squad clad in desi Pakistani attire for the opening ceremony? They were exactly looking cooler.

Chinese men and women wearing traditional Pakistani dress would present more pleasant look. Perhaps, this is the reason why Shan made its model to wear dupatta for visiting their neighbors, in its viral biryani Ad.

5. Experiencing new tastes in food

There are very few Pakistanis who wouldn’t like to label themselves as a foodie. More Chinese into Pakistan would mean an exchange of tastes; we would experience real Chinese food in the town while making these foreigners to learn how to make biryani to mingle with natives.

6. Chinese faces in film industry

Chalay Thay Sath

The first Chinese artist has already made his appearance in a Pakistani movie Chaley they Sath. Well, that was a requirement of the script but the way Pak-China relations powered by CPEC are going, we would have more such stories in future.

Earlier, certain Chinese singers have got their hands on Pakistani songs, just have a look at this cover of Hadiqa Kiani’s Janaan by Zhao Wei.

7. New fitness trends in Pakistan

Fitness Goals

Have you ever spotted a Chinese with bulging tummy? The answer is more likely to be no. Let it be their eating habits or practices adopted for maintaining body fitness; they have got a secret towards maintaining an ideal body weight most of us would want. But apart from tips and tricks, we may likely to enter into a kind of competition with our friends who are from different ethnicities and have got different standards for physical looks.

PS: Adopting the alien cultures has not remained a matter of choice anymore as the very phenomenon of globalization that has shortened the distances, is coming with a pool of lifestyle options. The adaptation depends upon the level of interaction and need, which in the case of CPEC is going to increase manifolds.

What do you say?

Do you think that there are other ways Pakistani culture would see a dynamic shift from CPEC? Just post in the comment box.


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