CSS question copied from India

Questions for CSS (Central Superior Services) examination papers are copied from the IAS (Indian Administration Services) exams; the fact came to limelight when a Pakistani news channel exposed a question that was reportedly copied from an Indian question paper.

Essay paper of CSS 2016 asked, “Is colonial mentality impeding Pakistan’s success?” The same question appeared in IAS question paper as, “Is colonial mentality impeding India’s progress.”

CSS Question copied from Indian exams
Scanned copy of paper; Source, Dunya News

On ethical grounds copying anything whether an idea, story of a film or content of a book or anything from a research paper, inevitably comes under plagiarism and is treated as theft. If seen on moral grounds while considering the impact on Pakistan’s integrity then such practices are surely condemnable, but there is another side of picture that respective channel didn’t bother to elaborate on while running the sensational news,

Pakistan’s civil bureaucracy that is considered as a backbone in the administrative skeleton of the country is required to have the potential of meeting the challenges our people are facing while having a good insight on the matters of state.

CSS papers are set in a way that ensures to analyze the analytical skills of a candidate. Tricky questions aim to know what’s their stance on the core issues. The fact the Pakistan and India both have the same history before 1947 proves the generic nature of the question and its effectivity. Both Pakistan and India got rid of the same colonial rule at the same time.  Few legacies of colonial domination are running through both the nations in an equal manner.

In this regard, Question appears to be quite meaningful in Pakistani context too and equally valuable in evaluating the caliber of one who answers it. The idea can be inspired from the anything. In this case, even if the question has been picked deliberately then its effectivity can’t be denied only because it came from the country which is deemed as a traditional rival. But if copying a question before permission is what jeopardizing the integrity then there must be an integral way to manage this issue.

CSS formerly known as ICS (Indian Civil Service) during the British rule is still running on the same patterns. Almost 70 years have passed since India and Pakistan got independence from the Britain, but both are far from becoming a free-thinking nation.

As far as it is the matter of recruiting a bureaucracy that is well versed in the art of critical thinking which is necessary to run the state in the interest of its prosperity in future, we would need to ask the questions that are to judge their mental caliber and opinions in a meaningful way.

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