Students failed in CSS 2016

The shocking results of CSS 2016 revealed that only 2.09 pc of students passed the attempt. Almost 92 pc students failed in the subject of English. As compared to 2016, The passing percentage was 3.33 in 2014 and 3.09 in 2015.

Representatives from Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) told the National Assembly’ s standing committee for Cabinet Secretariat about these results; they further informed that this year 9,642 students appeared in the exam and only 202 students succeeded.

While elaborating on the reasons, FPSC also told that such increased failure of students shows the falling standard of education in the country. Committee asked FPSC to submit a detailed report of the results within one month.

Committee was also informed that students who appeared in the CSS Examinations, were the graduates of A category Universities and foreign universities but still 92 percent students failed in English while 83 pc failed in the English Essay Writing.

As far as the number of passing students according to the provinces is concerned 114 students from Punjab, 29 students from Sindh, eight from KPK, four from Balochistan and one student from Balochistan were able to pass the CSS Examination.

The CSS examinations are very vital as their results decide the appointment of officials to important positions in country’s bureaucracy, foreign offices and other important positions in the state machinery. That’s why a robust scrutinising mechanism in the form of CSS is utilised to ensure that eligible candidates and people of high calibre are hired on the crucial ranks.


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