Football scene of Lyari in a Balochi rap

Lyari, the Little Brazil of Pakistan is unluckily famous for the gang wars as evil has prevailed the good in this case. The area that seems to be dominated by Makrani Balochs represents a dynamic culture and enthusiasm for football and boxing.

New¬†Balochi rap song by the Patari‘s series Kabeer appeared on the scene significantly explains the dilemma of the Lyari’s youth with causes and cure of ulcers that have tarnished the image of this town. Patrai earlier introduced the Balochi rapper Abid Bariohi and Salim Jahangir whose songs went viral on social media amassing huge applause from the audience.

The lyrics depict the actual cause why despite being the hotbed of football Lyari couldn’t make a positive image before the world. The vices like drug abuse and violence are something that media highlights but it has never tried to focus on the talent that can make the place earn a name at international level.

Lyari which has almost 100 football clubs has got something that can indulge the youth in healthy activity activities.

During the FIFA world cup, the crime rate in Lyari reduces as people become busy in enjoying the event.

Healthy impacts of any sports are undeniable, but the medicine to prevent the culture of violence in Lyari is to make the football, boxing and other cultural activities more prominent. The fact is evident from this report of BBC in which people intended to make the area glorious and famous by promoting the football in the town.

Unfortunately, very less often it happens that media tries to bring out what is good, those who are not familiar with the taste of Lyari people for football, boxing and music only think that place is just a war zone and hub of the militants ready to sabotage the peace. In reality, this is the only one side of the picture. The second part of the picture is more beautiful and pride worthy. It is capable of raising our country’s status in the field of football at international level. People only need to turn the picture and expose themselves with real cultural depictions, as one manifested in the new Balochi rap.


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