Cutting fingers
Hawa Akhtar pictured with injured hand. PHOTO: The Daily Star

Cutting fingers of the wife by the mentally sick envious husband, so that she couldn’t complete her education for getting a degree, is one of the barbaric incidents came across.

The retarded husband, named, Rafiqul Islam, 30, in the name of surprise, chops off the fingers of his wife, Hawa Akhter, 21, just because she pursued the degree studies without his ‘permission’.

The husband deviously asked his wife that he had to blindfold and tape her mouth to present a surprise.

The poor woman fell in the trap and consequently, the vicious husband cuts off her five fingers of the right hand barbarically.

‘He blindfolded me, tied my hand and taped my mouth saying that he would give some surprise gifts to me but, instead, he chopped off my fingers,’ Hawa told The Times.

To more brutality, Hawa’s fingers were later thrown in the bin by one of the Rafiqul Islam’s relative, so that the doctors can not reattach them.

The complexes ridden husband is a migrant worker in the Unite Arab Emirates (UAE) and had before, shamelessly warned her wife for the worst results, if she would not quit her studies.

Despite the horrible incident, the dauntless Hawa aimed to continue her studies and she is learning to use the left hand.

She is back at her parent’s home and Rafiqul Islam is now behind the bars in the police’s custody for the ruthless crime.

The incident happened in Bangladesh after Rafiqul Islam’s return to the country.

The Bangladeshi police chief, Mohammed Saluddin said that Mr. Rafiqul Islam had confessed to the crime after he was arrested in Dhaka.

He will face the result and punishment for cutting fingers of his wife, resulting in her permanent deformity.

“He was furious and jealous because when he had only an education of the grade eight, his wife was about to enter the college to continue the higher studies,” said Mr. Saluddin.

The human rights bodies are also demanding for the life imprisonment of Rafiqul Islam.

The fragile ego of such men gets hurt if their woman tried to get a step ahead of them. So, instead of appreciation, they try to avert them.

Men like these deserve to be served with the severe punishment in order to stop these incidents in the near future.


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