Dangal is the best movie or Sultan; What Salman Khan says about it?

Dangal Movie

Critics had speculated earlier that there is going to be a competition between Dangal and Sultan for being the best movie as the story plot in both roamed around the wrestling.

After the film has been released in U.A.E, the Salman Khan has finally admitted that Amir Khan’s Dangal is much better than Sultan and this makes him hate the man professionally.

Finally, the hard work and strive to achieve perfectionism by portraying all the characters making them nearer to reality has paid the Amir and his further increasing the bar of presenting excellent pieces of entertainment.

Dangal that is based on a true story of a female wrestler who won the Gold medal at India for Saif games has emerged out as an example fo perfectionism in any way. Obviously, this is a movie by Mr. Perfect who never hesitates to go the extra mile for bringing an authentic touch of reality in his films.

The success of the film is also evident from the popularity; it is amassing and financial success it is generating even from the first day of its release.

Would Pakistani cinemas release Amir Khan’s movie Dangal?

In the end, it is the response of audience that decides which is going to be the best movie.

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