Daniyal Aziz

Imran Khan has always been a controversial personality and named once again in a controversy. He is declared “Son-in-Law” of the journalists by a turncoat.  Why is he declare son in law? Is it the reason of his failed marriage with former weather reporter Reham Khan or he is going to celebrate his third marriage? Or it is something else that is concealed from the public?

It is the tricky situation; the fact is that a turncoat Daniyal Aziz declared leader of PTI “Son-in-law of journalists” just to befool public and to please his lords, but his statement invited an unexpected furious reply from journalists.

It appeared to be a tactic that Mr. Daniyal Aziz used when he said that, it seems to him that Imran Khan is the Son-in-law of journalists that he manages to avoids criticism. By passing such humiliating remarks, he tried to create confrontation between media and his political rival.

However, his strategy repulsed when a media person humiliated him on his nasty remarks about the journalists. Video of angry media man demanding apology from Daniyal Aziz has gone viral on the social media.

The journalist who was protesting against the remarks of Daniyal Aziz, the representative of the prime minister, made it clear that the media persons are neither servants of any minister or any representatives of the government. He also declared that the government representatives are not their masters that they disrespect anyone with impunity.

The journalist clarifies that they are just doing their jobs and communicating views of government and opposition to the public. They have nothing to do with the rivalry between political opponents. All the cameramen and journalists who were present at the moment supported the arguments of the angry journalist.

However, the stance of journalists is not immune from criticism. We have seen many media persons who protect their masters on TV screens. One supports the opposition, and other defends the government. We have examples of Javed Chaudhry and Nadeem Malik who support government and opposition respectively. Indeed, it is unfortunate that media who is supposed to be impartial lacks objectivity and media ethics.

In the meanwhile, the episode between government representatives and media persons was unfortunate, but it was the ultimate result of ignorance of professional ethics from both sides.

Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhary minister CADD was also present at the moment. Daniyal Aziz has to apologize for his statement and all media persons who attended the moment accepted his apology.


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