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Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had announced to give a reward of Rs. 10 million to Younis Khan, when earlier in the week a ceremony to celebrate the victory of the team at Champions Trophy 2017 was held.

However, Younis Khan left the public in awe as he decided and made a public announcement that he will donate every penny of this money reward to Edhi foundation, and two other foundations. He said:

“I am thankful to the prime minister for the cash reward; I will donate it to Edhi foundation, Indus Hospital and The citizens foundation”

Edhi, the founder of this foundation, passed away a year ago on 8th July 2016. He was a person who was indeed one in a million, who chose to serve humanity over taking care of himself, and always believed that his Lord would reward him. Looks like Younis Khan helped this foundation a lot on the death anniversary of Edhi, by donating the complete money reward he had received.

He also requested that the donation be exempted of any taxes so the foundation can benefit from it completely. As it seemed that there might be no one now to support the cause Edhi had started, this donation served to be a miracle. We believe Edhi had touched the hearts of thousands, and from time to time we witness their generosity in different forms, like this donation for one.


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