Chocolate Hero Waheed Murad

Some days back was the 33rd death anniversary of this under-rated genius of our film industry. The Waheed Murad

He was the greatest screen legend of Pakistani cinema, and therefore we forget that he was also a writer, director and producer who entered filmdom with the intention of making some serious statements about the nation (he didn’t even appear on the screen in his first two productions)

As an actor Waheed Murad featured in more than 120 films but he also produced 11 titles under his banner, Film Arts. He was an actor, producer and script writer. Waheed Murad was famous for his charming expressions, attractive personality, soft voice and unusual talent for acting. He is considered as one of the most famous and influential actors of South Asia.

His naughty facial gestures, bold romanticism and alluring performance style during picturization of songs made him immensely popular. During the 1960s and early 1970s, he produced films like Insaan badalta hai (1961) (his first film as a producer), Armaan (1966), Ehsaan (1967), Naseeb apna apna (1970) and Mastana mahi (Punjabi film of 1971). However, after Mastana Mahi he produced no film except Hero which was produced in the 1980s and was released after his death.

Waheed Murad was born on October 2, 1938, and died on November 23, 1983. The only child of well-off film distributor Mr Nisar Murad. He got his early education from Karachi Grammar School or Marie Colaco School, Karachi, did graduation from S.M. Arts College Karachi, and then masters in English literature from the University of Karachi.

Waheed was the first Rock n’ Roll dancing star in South Asia. He was famously known as the ‘Chocolate Hero’ and ‘Lady Killer’. His dressing style, the hair style, dialogues and songs used to be liked and followed by people. Waheed’s haircut was very popular among the young and was called the ‘Waheed Murad cut’. In his hey days Waheed once went to Saddar area of Karachi in his white car. Realising it was Murad’s car, a group of 30 college girls covered the vehicle with lipstick kisses.

He won many awards in recognition of his services to the film industry. While in November 2010, after an extended period of 27 years after his death, the Pakistani government awarded him with Sitara-e-Imtiaz, the third highest honor and civilian award by the State of Pakistan, given in the fields of literature, arts, sports, medicine, or science.


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