Death of Suzi earned millions for zoo; administration virtually ignored her medical care


Animals are the gentle creature of God. They are innocent, and they give happiness, love, compassion and ease in life without taking anything in return. Because of their selflessness and forbearance, the great Sufi poets have idealized them and suggested humans learn even from animals, that are considered a disgusting creature. Suzi, an aged animal in Lahore zoo was one of such animals; she passed away last Saturday leaving many kids in grief.

She was -36 years old and associated with Lahore Zoo for more than 29 years. She suffered from many acute diseases that became the reason of her death including high weight, elevated sugar level and increased Yourak Acid. Her loneliness in captivity was also the cause of her death. Now, the Skeleton of Suzi taken by Univesity of Animal and Veterinary Sciences and other parts will be sold to other institutes.

According to reports, Suzi suffered from high fever since a week before her death. The zoo administration, instead of giving her rest, they kept earning money through her. Technical advisor to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWFN) Uzma Khan said that the leading cause of the death of animals is shackling them on the concrete floor and it is a standard practice in Lahore zoo. In fact, zoo administration has snatched Suzi from teens and those who grew with her.

Indeed, Suzi has given her love and unwavering friendship to kids, but she ended in a small confinement without taking anything in return. It is good that she died otherwise she had to spent other painful years of her life in confinements of the zoo. She was like trolls but beautiful and attractive. Those who lived and grew with Suzi liked to bring their children with them to spend some time with this human-friendly animal.

The mistress of the zoo entertained millions and heaven knows how many broken hearts would have been gotten well after observing her cute acts. If there would be a paradise for animals, I’m sure she will be there. Suzi may you rest in peace; grief is a small price to pay for the wonderful gift that you gave. Your unconditional love is a priceless treasure.


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