Online Tickets for PSL 2017 final

PSL 2017 final would now take place at Qaddafi Stadium, in Lahore on 5th March according to the schedule.

Punjab’s law minister Rana Sanullah told this while talking to media. He further told that decision was taken after consultation with provincial and federal security institutes. All the departments would collaborate for ensuring the best secuity.

At the time of PSL 2017 draft, it was announced that final of the tournament would take place in Lahore foreign players had also agreed to it.

Terrorist incidents followed by the Lahore blast had jeopardized the fate of  Lahore as the venue for the final of PSL 2017. The situation made the officials to reconsider their decisions due to security condition.

Although, terrorism has not spared even a single region in Pakistan still other staff members from other provinces offered to hold the final in their respective capital cities.

KPK had emerged as another venue for holding PSL final as MPA of KPK Assembly; Mushtaq Ghani offered to hold the contest in his province,

According to media reports, Mushtaq Ghani said,”We would provide the security for holding the final if Punjab Government can’t guarantee enough security to conclude the event in Lahore safely.”

Earlier, Karachi’s mayor Waseem Akhtar had also offered that his administration would provide all the necessary security for holding the final in their city.

PCB has already announced to provide the tickets for an online sale with prices of the specific spots at the stadium.


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