Mashal Khan

In a gruesome incident at Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, Mashal Khan a student of Journalism and Mass Communication became victim of the brutality of university fellows for allegedly committing blasphemy,

The event shook the people from length and breadth of the country, making them to pop-up on social media and comment on happenings while creating the popular Twitter trends, as per norms in such cases.

Analyzing the reactions from Pakistanis reveals that they are divided, perplexed and confused, those who have dared to speak only make a minority, falling under the banner of “Liberals.”

While majority consists of those, who wouldn’t condemn the act of fearing a possible cleavage in their firm faith.

Those conservatives who have chosen to speak of the incident are hiding behind the argument that victim was an accused and not a proven guilt (for them wrongdoers should have waited)

For them, dissent is a crime, and when law backs it, then there is no need to present a dissident for the judicial trail as he readily deserves an attack by provoked mob whose religious would be at stake otherwise.

Just have a look at what condemners have to say on murduer of Mashal Khan.

A question on the Pakistani laws.

A question on what we are educating our students.

We lynch the dissidents, but we let those who promote hate speech roam freely.

But for Ansar Abbasi what mob did was a “Justice.” So, this was how apologetics came up with their views.

How this law of the jungle has been promoted.

There might be an inquiry of the case, and those who committed might face punishment but didn’t we hung those who earlier took the law in their hand? Did we see any positive outcome?

Our education system is flawed, laws are biased, people are intolerant, and religion is subject to exploitation by the false pride of trouble mongers in the guise of belief. This condemnation is futile, if not so then surely not outcome oriented, because a remedy to cure this cancer which is victimizing hundreds of Mashal Khan in the society lies in something else.


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